Managing Open Access Publication: a system specification

Before Christmas I blogged about the work we were doing on creating a specification for a system which could help institutions manage aspects of Open Access publishing at a local level.

We started this work focussing on the data and processes related to the payment of APCs, but it very quickly became apparent that any system in this area would need to be able to handle some aspects of ‘green’ as well as ‘gold’ OA publication routes.

We worked with several UK Universities to understand the workflows and data involved. We also reviewed the work of the Jisc Open Access Good Practice Pathfinder projects such as “End to End Open Access” (E2EOA)GW4 OA pathfinder and Pathways to Open Access.

The outcome of this work was a document describing a system that could help UK HE institutions manage administrative data in relation to the publication of open access Academic Outputs. The document includes:

  • A description the scope of such a system and the workflows it should support
  • A description of an appropriate data model given the scope and workflows
  • A number of illustrative wireframes for a user interface (UI) to such a system

The document is available at:

We’ve continued to develop our understanding of the required functionality and the data model needed to support such functionality since we completed this document, and we continue to check our work against that of other initiatives such as RIOXX and the CASRAI-UK pilot, as well as having ongoing conversations with those in UK universities dealing with OA publication.

In the next phase of the Monitor project we will be building a software prototype based on the requirements and functionality described in this document. While we will be using this document as our starting point, what we actually build will be influenced by a number of factors including time available and continued input from the UK HE community – so please if you have any comments or feedback, leave them as comments here.


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