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Jisc Monitor Pilot Programme Update by David Kay (Sero Consulting)

Institutional participation in the pilot programme, which is taking place between January and July 2016, will be a critical to the Jisc Monitor project as it is developed from ideas, requirements and prototype software to a Jisc service. Jisc Monitor combines two applications, which may be used separately or as an integrated service. Monitor Local … Read more

Jisc Monitor – The Final Episode – From ideas to prototypes (by David Kay)

Back Story Completing at the end of May 2015, and with inputs from over 60 UK institutions, the 12 month Jisc Monitor project is tasked with developing designs and prototype software that indicate how institutions (and the broader supply chain) might go about supporting and tracking Open Access publication processes, especially with reference to compliance … Read more

Jisc Monitor and the importance of collaboration (by Brian Mitchell, Jisc Collections)

The nature of research is increasingly international in scope and requires collaboration and cooperation between people and organisations. In a similar vein, Jisc Monitor embraces such a combined approach. After all, there are other complementary projects and initiatives out there that are integral to the use cases areas that Jisc Monitor is seeking to explore. … Read more

Jisc Monitor Development Review and Consultation – Publication and Compliance Use Cases (by David Kay, Sero Consulting)

On Wednesday, we held the first online update and review meeting for the Jisc Monitor development, led by Mimas. The meeting focussed on updates to the Requirements Catalogue arising from the July 8th Workshop, and on how we are creating the underlying software and data environment to address Publication and Compliance use cases. This was … Read more